We Got The Grant!!!

The Los Angeles County Department of Arts has awarded Mobile Film Classroom $6800 to help fund our new Program Director position through their Organizational Grant Program (OGP). The OGP grants are in two-year cycles, and this is our SECOND time to win an OGP grant. We´ll recive $6800 per year for 2 years, but we have to match the funds 100%. Will you help us match the funds?


Enthusiastically Meeting Our Summer Goals!!!

We want to give a big thank you to Mathew Perelman of Mac Enthusiasts, who generously donated the use of a beautiful 27” iMac this Summer! It has made editing videos and graphic design work so much more fun, as we work on our Summer goals to revamp our website, update social media accounts and create a beautiful pitch deck to help build more support for our program. Less than two weeks to go before the Los Angeles County Depart of Arts and Culture Summer 2019 Arts Internship wraps up. Can’t wait to share our new website and pitch deck with everyone! 

Winnie learning Final Cut Pro X.

Winnie learning Final Cut Pro X.

We are looking for Board Members!

We are looking for individuals passionate about helping youth from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds have an equal opportunity to share their voice and vision through media and technology, to join our Board of Directors. This is an important volunteer position that requires a willingness to:

- Learn about our mission, policies, and programs.

- Act as active advocates for MFC and aid in steering its future direction.

- Fully engage in identifying and securing the financial resources and partnerships necessary for MFC to advance its mission.

- Leverage connections, networks, and resources to develop collective action to fully achieve MFC’s mission.

- Prepare for, attend, and conscientiously participate in board meetings.

We hold board meetings quarterly. Service on at least one committee is required, which will include additional meetings and responsibilities. The initial term is one year. If you or someone you know is interested in board service, please share this post and/or reach out to manon@mobilefilmclassroom.org. We will host a creative think tank meeting of all interested stakeholders and potential board and advisory council members in early August 2019 to learn more about the work we do, who we are and share your ideas.

MFC Staff Program Director - Frank Guttler

This Spring we welcomed Frank Guttler to the MFC team as Program Director. Frank is an accomplished educator and media arts expert with two decades experience in connecting education with technology, literacy and filmmaking. Most recently Frank was Director of Curriculum & Professional Development with Digicom Learning in Palm Springs, where he led training for teachers and students in collaboration with the Palms Springs Unified School District professional development department, creating the Digital Storytelling Certification Program for teachers. A native Angelino and graduate of Cal State Northridge, Frank was recruited by American Film Institute to develop the Lights, Camera, Education! training curriculum for AFI’s K-12 outreach to educators of all subjects and grade levels.

Frank led our three Spring workshops:

  • 4th Grade “Book Reviews” at Angeles Mesa DREAM Magnet Elementary,

  • 7th Grade “English Persuasive Video using Ethos, Logos and Pathos” at Eliot Arts Magnet Middle School in Altadena in partnership with Hollywood HEART.

  • 4th Grade “The California Mission Project” at Langdon Avenue Elementary School.

Frank sees digital storytelling as the writing process in action, which lends itself well to all content areas, and also designs workshops to support curriculum standards. Frank’s extensive experience working with teachers is an asset Mobile Film Classroom values as we seek to expand our professional development training for educators. Wecome aboard Frank!

Frank and 4th grade students premiere their films at Angeles Mesa DREAM Magnet Elementary

Frank and 4th grade students premiere their films at Angeles Mesa DREAM Magnet Elementary

MFC Says Goodbye to its RV

This past January, we said goodbye to our RV, nicknamed Iris. While we still believe in the integral role of mobile vehicles in delivering film education to underserved communities, we haven’t been able to update and keep up with bus repairs. Unfortunately, MFC’s 1989 RV became increasingly outdated, with old versions of iMacs from 2008, as well as the usual vehicle repairs. Furthermore, our work with LAUSD and other school districts increased to providing programs during the school day, where class sizes were simply too big to fit all of the students on the bus. Over the past 2 years, we have realized that we need to rethink and redesign how we deliver our filmmaking programs to maximize their sustainability, growth, and potential for impact for LA’s young creative minds.

Watch the video below for MFC's 1989 RV (Iris) on its' trip to her new home at Lincoln Memorial Congregational Church in Leimert Park. After sitting for months at a storage facility in Azusa, Iris's batteries were drained (someone forgot to turn the kill switch), so had to be towed. It's a bittersweet farewell because she has been a vessel for so many kids' creativity, yet we know she is going to continue serving that function in her new community. Thank you for the 10 years of great stories!

Summer 2019 Intern- Winnie Liu

Professional Pic 2 Lower Size.jpg
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Winnie Liu is currently a 4th year majoring in Molecular Biology with a minor in Biomedical Research at UCLA, who will be interning with Mobile Film Classroom for Summer 2019! She does graphic design for various campus clubs and newspapers, such as the Daily Bruin. With MFC, she hopes to learn how to design for impact & social change. She will be helping us in Marketing & Communications by updating our website, social media, and marketing materials as we enter our 7th year of programming this September.

This internship has been graciously funded by the Los Angeles County Department of Arts & Culture. The LA County Arts Internship Program, established in 2000, strives to strengthen the arts and entertainment cultural sectors of Los Angeles county. Through high quality arts internships at various non-profit organizations across the county, interns develop a greater understanding of the work involved in nonprofit arts administration, appreciate the essential impact of the arts in communities, and develop both soft and hard skills that can be applied to their future careers.