The Curiosity Project


A short film about winning friends and influencing people, even if you are a zombie! Made by MFC students at El Camino Real Library in East LA.

Designed as an introductory course in 21st Century storytelling. The Curiosity Project encourages students to explore their interests, personal goals and issues in their community into the learning experience while also incorporating lessons on digital literacy. Over six-weeks on the Mobile Film Classroom, students explore their interests, personal goals and issues in their community.

MFC instructors guide students, as they work in small production teams, through the process of digital media filmmaking: framing and composition, camera techniques, sound recording, editing and media literacy. Students research, develop a non-narrative outline based on their topic. Students work in teams to write, shoot and edit their films. The project culminates with a public screening of the finished films. 

Length of workshop and exact number of sessions are customizable to accommodate a single class, multiple classes and even entire grade levels. Contact to discuss the needs of your specific organization and request a quote. Ask about training & on-site project package pricing!