The Curriculum Project


Hear what 4th graders at Angeles Mesa Elementary School have to say about author Maribeth Boelts' book "Those Shoes," Illustrated by Noah Z. Jones.

In this six week workshop, students will be challenged to make movies about what they're learning. Mobile Film Classroom instructors will work collaboratively with teachers to design and integrate media arts-based digital storytelling process that connects directly main-stream standards-based instruction while building critical media & visual literacy skills.

From brainstorming and conceptualizing, to writing and analyzing the clarity of the message, communication is key. Students work in teams to write, shoot and edit their films as evidence of learning and in the process will gain critical 21st-century skills of cooperation, collaboration, communication, and creativity. MFC instructors will guide students and teachers through the entire process from pitch to screening of their finished films. Workshops are generally presented in 90 min weekly or twice weekly sessions by MFC teaching artist(s) in partnership with the classroom teacher(s).

Length of workshop and exact number of sessions are customizable to accommodate a single class, multiple classes and even entire grade levels. Contact to discuss the needs of your specific organization and request a quote. Ask about training & on-site project package pricing!